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Narberth: 913 Montgomery Ave.
Narberth, PA 19072-1501
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Paoli: 20 West Lancaster Ave.
Paoli, PA 19301
Phone: 610-993-9305610-993-9305

Have you always wanted to dance the upbeat, romantic Bachata? Do you consider yourself a novice in the world of dance? Even if you’ve never taken a dance class before, the highly trained instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Narberth & Paoli, PA can help you learn the Bachata using the Arthur Murray Method. Whether you’re looking to learn this up-tempo, spicy dance with your significant other or are interested in improving your technique out on the dance floor with a partner of any skill level, our Bachata lessons can help you achieve your unique goals.

What Is The Bachata?

Gaining influence from various Latin, Western and European dance styles, the Bachata is a fusion-style social dance that’s marked by its intentionally sensual motions. Originating from the Dominican Republic, this eight-count, box-step dance typically consists of three steps – or a step-together-step – followed by a tap step. As a partner dance, the Bachata also encompasses sensual hip and body movements. Depending on the mood and interpretation of the music, the leader can choose to perform in an open, semi-closed or closed position.

The Arthur Murray Experience

At the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Narberth & Paoli, PA, you’ll learn more than just dance steps. Utilizing the Arthur Murray Method, our carefully selected and highly trained instructors help you acquire the skills needed to step out onto the dance floor with confidence. From the first-level introductory program to Full Medalist programs, our devoted instructors will help tailor a personalized program to meet your specific goals and desires while cultivating a fun learning environment.

Our three-way approach to teaching the Bachata involves one-on-one private lessons, class instruction and practice sessions (dance parties). By combining these three different methods, you’ll work on your individual problem areas through undivided personal attention, develop leading and following skills and gain experience dancing on a crowded floor in a setting similar to a nightclub.

So Much Fun, You’ll Forget You’re Learning

As two of the 250+ Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios in 21 countries worldwide, the Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Narberth & Paoli, PA are independently owned and operated for a world-class dancing experience with a personalized touch. If you’re new to the studio and interested in dancing the Bachata, check out our new student offer. Want to learn more about our dance classes, instructors or teaching methods? Contact our Narberth or Paoli Dance Studio today.

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    913 Montgomery Avenue, Narberth, PA 19072-1501
    | Phone: 610-668-8870610-668-8870 | Fax: 610-668-8872
    20 West Lancaster Avenue, Paoli, PA 19301
    | Phone: 610-993-9305610-993-9305
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